Modernization of an administration building with health center in Chemnitz, Germany

Principal: AOK Chemnitz

Realisation Period: 2004 - 2006

Services: General Engineering

According to construction plans and drawing found in the Chemnitz archive, this administration building was constructed in the 30’s of 20th century by the architect Curt. It is a monolithic steel reinforced concrete construction with non-load-bearing walls in- and outside. The 5 floor building is declared as an historical monument. The outside walls are covered large porphyry plates. The overhanging roof of the main entrance is a characteristic element. Each floor has a minimum height of 3.70m. The upper floors are dedicated for offices and ground floor will serve as health center.


Gross building volume  58,365 cbm

Gross floor area    16,385 sqm

Construction Costs: 3.4 mill. EUR