Refurbishment of a laboratory building at the Technical University Freiberg, Germany

Principal: SIB Chemnitz

Realisation Period: 2002 - 2007

Services: General Engineering

For this refurbishment of a laboratory building within the Technical University Freiberg, AIC received the mandate for general engineering. Beside all the building related, the engineering of all technical facilities like equipment for laboratories, clean rooms, heating, air-conditioning, electrical installations and the complete process technology for the buildings were part of AIC’s scope too.

Project overview:

Building 1611: Refurbishment of administration building

Building 1612: Reconstruction and façade of hall for metallurgy

Building 1613: Refurbishment of laboratory building

Building 1615: Construction of a new warehouse

Building 1616: Refurbishment of research center (Lauchhammer-Hall)

Construction Costs: 2.8 mill. EUR