Groundbreaking for new residential building Chemnitz

Chemnitz, 15th of March 2018

The GGG as local real estate company and largest provider of residences in Chemnitz is spending 3.9 million euros in the construction of a new residential building with prearranged apartments for young people like students. This urban project is part of an initiative to revitalize and enhance this quarter of the town “Am Bruehl”. 18 apartments are planned with in total 54 rooms.

AIC is supporting this project with execution planning and construction management.

ASTRA Industrieanlagen inaugurates new headquarters

Reinsdorf, 26th January 2018

On the 26th of January, ASTRA Industrieanlagen GmbH celebrated a public inauguration of its new headquarters in Reinsdorf near Zwickau. The building with about 4,000 square meters production and administration area offers state-of-the-art working and manufacturing conditions. The company, a manufacturer of complex equipment and piping systems for the oil and gas industry, invested about five million euros into the new site. Started in 2006 with 18 employees, today 46 engineers are working for ASTRA generating between 6 and 8 million euros turnover annually by providing customer specific solutions around the globe.

As general Engineering Company, AIC was happy to provide its know-how in the field of preparing the execution plans in this project. AIC is wishing as much as success possible for the production start at ASTRA’s new site.

Start of Construction for New Central Storage Building

Gornsdorf, 06th of December 2017

KSG Leiterplatten GmbH is reporting today about the construction start of its new central storage building in Gornsdorf, the company’s Headquarter based in Germany. About 4.5 million euros will be invested with the target to commission the building in the first quarter 2019.
The different storage facilities shall now be merged to create some more storage capacity. The new central storage building consists of three levels and possesses approximately 1,850 square meters. According to the Head of Development, Ralph Fiehler, the building is designed to preserve basic material for the PCB production and several other primery material. Such as chemicals, coatings and prepregs, demanding special requirements for storage, like climatisation area.
AIC as general engineering company is pleased to provide all its engineering competence and services for this extension project.

Support our Team!

Chemnitz, Januar 2018

AIC, active in Germany and at locations worlwide, is a well-known General Engineering partner. The company with its 120 employees provides general engineering and detailed solutions for industry, commercial and residential projects in Germany and abroad. To support the AIC Team, the company is looking for motivated people, like architects, civil and construction engineers, electrotechnical and process engineers.

Commerzbank opens flagship branch office in Dresden

Dresden, 13th November 2017

The Commerzbank has inaugurated in Dresden its first flagship branch-office in Saxony, the eights of in total foreseen 100 flagships.
Services should now be obtained much faster as before. For that, the lobby has been modernized and the reception area is equipped with a service desk. On 660 square meters, the customers can use newly designed meeting areas and a lounge with coffee bar, public wireless internet access and tablets with first service information.
The modernization of this branch office to the most modern one was realized within four weeks only. “The City of Dresden offers the best location for a flagship office”, the local manager Joachim Hecker said. “In total we made an investment at this location of 600,000 euros. For us the best condition to continue our growth in Dresden.”
As general engineering company AIC could provide all its engineering competence for this project and support to reach the expected quality, timeline and budget.