Besides making the customer’s ideas become reality, AIC is actively promoting trainees too. For example as a student of a dual education program and with AIC as the partner for the practice phases of the studies, you will be part of the AIC team in a very early stage.

By realizing actual projects and being fast integrated in a team of experienced colleagues, additional applied knowledge is transferred and offering the opportunity to deepen and confirm the basics.

Since many years already, AIC is “Partner in Practice” for studying construction management skills and construction engineering at the University of Cooperative Education in Glauchau, Germany. Two partners are sharing the joint task of an efficient qualification.

Graduates of the University in Glauchau which were promoted and supervised by AIC and which made the first practical experiences, are today part of the AIC team or they are working in companies worldwide.

Applications for an apprenticeship in this dual education program with AIC as partner company can be submitted online or by mail:

AIC Ingenieurgesellschaft für Bauplanung Chemnitz GmbH
Brueckenstraße 8
09111 Chemnitz

Matthias Gerhardt
e-mail: matthias.gerhardt[at]
phone: +49 371 6666 270