Construction of Litium Ion Cell Manufacturing Plant, Kamenz / Saxony

Principal: Evonik/Daimler/Li-Tec Kamenz

Realisation Period: 2010 - 2013

Services: Architecture, Structural Engineering, Technical Facilities

Li-Tec Battery GmbH – untill 2014 a Joint Venture between Evonik and Daimler, today a subsidiary corporation of Daimler AG (100 %) – develops, produces and markets large-scale lithium ion battery cells for automotive, industrial and stationary applications.

The ceramic CERIO® cells are manufactured in one of Europe’s largest dry rooms.

The manufacturing site has following Parameters:

Manufacturing area:  9.000m²

Office:  2.500m²

Storage area:  4.000m²

Construction Costs: 15,8 mill. EUR