Commerzbank opens flagship branch office in Dresden

Dresden, 13th November 2017

The Commerzbank has inaugurated in Dresden its first flagship branch-office in Saxony, the eights of in total foreseen 100 flagships.
Services should now be obtained much faster as before. For that, the lobby has been modernized and the reception area is equipped with a service desk. On 660 square meters, the customers can use newly designed meeting areas and a lounge with coffee bar, public wireless internet access and tablets with first service information.
The modernization of this branch office to the most modern one was realized within four weeks only. “The City of Dresden offers the best location for a flagship office”, the local manager Joachim Hecker said. “In total we made an investment at this location of 600,000 euros. For us the best condition to continue our growth in Dresden.”
As general engineering company AIC could provide all its engineering competence for this project and support to reach the expected quality, timeline and budget.