Research in textiles is promoting technical fabrics in Chemnitz

Chemnitz, 09. January 2016

The Saxon Research Institute for Textile Fabrics dedicates its industrial research and development in technical fabrics and nonwovens for more than 20 years already. Global trends like efficiency of resources and energy are the guidelines of the studies. Not only regarding textile products, but also considering manufacturing technologies and processes.

Based on a Competence Center for Nonwovens, the Innovation Center for technical fabrics, a Transfer Center and a Certification Institut, the Saxon Research Institute for Textile Fabrics has a wide variety of R&D subjects. By constructing a new Test Center and pilot plant for „Light Weight Structures” with a total area of about 1,500 sqm, the Research Institute is concentrating and extending its competencies. Different process types are now realizable on a semi-industrial way.

Additionally, the production of samples and construction of elements made from fibre-reinforced composites is possible. Finally, the facility comes with an integrated testing laboratory.

AIC received the mandate for the General Engineering of the Investment Project.