New Apartments in Wilthen, Germany

WG „Einheit“ Wilthen eG

New Apartments in City Quarter Erlangen, Germany

GWB Group

Modernization and Refurbishment of Residences in Berlin, Germany


Luxury Apartments Dresden, Germany

CTR Group

Refurbishment of Apartments in Berlin, Germany

HOWOGE Wohnungsbauges. mbH Berlin

Refurbishment of Apartment Buildings in Eisenhuettenstadt, Germany

Eisenhuettenstaedter WBG eG

Partial dismantling and modernization of an apartment building in Halle, Germany

BWG Halle-Merseburg e.G.

Reconstruction of apartments and installation of balconies in Chemnitz, Germany

WG Einheit eG Chemnitz

Installation of balconies and re-use of the upper floor in Freital, Germany

gewo Freitaler Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG

Construction of a new lift at a residential building in Luebbenau, Germany

GWG Lübbenau