Start of Construction for New Central Storage Building

Gornsdorf, 06th of December 2017

KSG Leiterplatten GmbH is reporting today about the construction start of its new central storage building in Gornsdorf, the company’s Headquarter based in Germany. About 4.5 million euros will be invested with the target to commission the building in the first quarter 2019.
The different storage facilities shall now be merged to create some more storage capacity. The new central storage building consists of three levels and possesses approximately 1,850 square meters. According to the Head of Development, Ralph Fiehler, the building is designed to preserve basic material for the PCB production and several other primery material. Such as chemicals, coatings and prepregs, demanding special requirements for storage, like climatisation area.
AIC as general engineering company is pleased to provide all its engineering competence and services for this extension project.