Building Integrated Modelling

The client’s visions of integrated solutions, flexible options of adjustments and optimization, need the use of state-of-the art working methods during the complete engineering process. Instead of working with CAD-systems only, AIC focuses on Building Information Modeling (BIM) known also as 3D-Building Modeling.

With BIM, AIC’s experts work together on individual projects and visually provide every team member the changes made during the engineering phase. Even material and quantities can easily be adjusted automatically in real time for using these figures as base in cost calculations. By using BIM, all planning steps and covered engineering scopes will be more transparent. And it is now possible to realize even very complex projects free from collisions. Last but not least, the application of BIM is tremendously reducing co-ordination and working efforts. The customer will benefit regarding its cost and time budget.

AIC as General Engineering Company is a pioneer in Europe working with this method of modeling. High sophisticated investment projects are realized more efficiently.